February 12, 2015

Of Puppies, Ponies and Social Media Residency

By Lee Aase, Director, Mayo Clinic Social Media Network
Residency participants flexing against colorectal cancer

Residency participants flexing against colorectal cancer

We just held our first Social Media Residency of 2015 and were delighted to welcome 46 hardy souls braving the early February weather for a day of learning social media tools and strategy. Most participants were from Minnesota or Wisconsin, so temps in the twenties weren’t a barrier.

As is our custom, we took a mid-morning break for a class photo. In addition to our regular version, that you can see here on our Mayo Clinic Facebook page, we shot a massive #StrongArmSelfie (click the photo at right to enlarge).

The group was extremely active in tweeting, with almost everyone in the demo #MCCSM Twitter chat (and of course we had alumni and Advisory Board members chiming in as well).

Among the notable nuggets from our discussion, this had the most retweets of the day:

When someone asked about promoting personal expertise via social media posts, I cautioned against doing anything on social media that would seem awkward in person. For example, you wouldn’t walk into a dinner party and spend the evening bragging about personal accomplishments, right? If it would be weird to say something face-to-face, don’t say it online.

We also discussed how to respond when hospital departments or specialty groups want to set up their own Facebook pages, separate from the main hospital page. Facebook pages have become the default “marketing” request for those wanting to promote services; it's the billboard or brochure of the 21st century.

Our counsel from Mayo Clinic: starting a Facebook page is like adopting a puppy. Fun at first, but requires lots of ongoing care and feeding.

We closed our platform-specific best practices sessions with one about blogging, which involves an even greater and more time-consuming commitment than a Facebook page. The Q&A session led to an off-the-cuff analogy that will, I think, be part of my regular repertoire:

See this post for a fuller reflection on the theme.

Registration is open now for our next two Social Media Residency cohorts, March 9 in Phoenix, Ariz. and May 4 in Jacksonville, Fla.

If you're interested in a crash course about how to apply social media tools to your health-related work, we hope you'll join us for one of those, or else plan to come to Rochester for Social Media Week at Mayo Clinic in June, which will include Residency and our Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit.

Whichever you choose, temperatures are guaranteed to be at least 60 degrees warmer than Rochester is in February.

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Of Puppies, Ponies and Social Media Residency
Residency participants flexing against colorectal cancer
Of Puppies, Ponies and Social Media Residency | Mayo Clinic Social Media Network

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