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February 6, 2015

Webinar | Eating an elephant, or how to build an integrated digital strategy one bite at a time

By Lee Aase, Director, Mayo Clinic Social Media Network

You have a website, you've built a solid social media plan and you might even be using a CRM. But creating an integrated digital strategy spanning external, internal, fundraising, and physician communications is complex and can be tricky. Where and how to begin?

Join us on Feb. 24 for a webinar featuring Chris Boyer, AVP of Digital Strategy for North Shore-LIJ Health System.

Learn how North Shore-LIJ, serving NYC and Long Island, integrated 80+ websites and various social media accounts into a centralized digital strategy -- one step at a time. In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • ways to assess digital efforts and prioritize your focus;
  • how to combine business and user's needs to find the best digital approach;
  • tips for building coalition and collaboration among teams (PR, marketing, community health, etc.);
  • strategies for advocating change within a reluctant and resistant organization; and
  • techniques for measuring and reporting success.

Registration for this webinar $95, but it's FREE for members of the Social Media Health Network. For more information on joining the Network, go here.

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About the Presenter:Boyer biopicture
Chris Boyer is Associate Vice President of Digital Strategy for North Shore-LIJ Health System in New York. He's s a nationally-known speaker about how healthcare organizations can harness the power of digital communications and marketing -- websites, mobile, social media, et. al. -- to deliver measurable results. Chris is a Platinum Fellow of in Mayo Clinic's Social Media Health Network.

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Lisa Wylde

Posts: 54
Joined: Jun 08, 2011
Posted by @Lisa_Wylde, Feb 9, 2015

Will this webinar be available for viewing by members later? Noon CST time isn’t very viewer friendly for those of us in Australia!! 🙂

Posted by @LeeAase, Feb 9, 2015

Absolutely. All webinars will be immediately archived for member viewing whenever it works for them.

Chris Boyer

Posts: 111
Joined: Feb 07, 2011
Posted by @chrisboyer, Feb 9, 2015

Plus this will be the basic approach of the Mayo in Oz session I will be doing.

Griffith Health

Posts: 1
Joined: Dec 16, 2014
Posted by @griffithhealth, Feb 10, 2015

That’s great. Keen to attend but 5am AEST is a struggle.

Patricia F. Anderson

Posts: 45
Joined: Feb 07, 2011
Posted by @pfanderson, Feb 20, 2015

My question was if I should bother submitting a topic if I know I can’t
travel to get there to present. I can present remotely or via Skype or
something, but should I try?

Posted by @LeeAase, Feb 22, 2015

You could submit a proposal, and we could consider for a webinar if it doesn’t work for in-person presentation.

Patricia F. Anderson

Posts: 45
Joined: Feb 07, 2011
Posted by @pfanderson, Feb 23, 2015

Ah, well, in person presentations aren’t an option for me. No money for
travel. We’ll see what happens.

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