December 3, 2014

The Power and Glory of Curation: An Interview with Marie Ennis-O’Connor (1st in a Series)

By meredithgould

Marie Ennis-O'Connor

Welcome to the first post in a series of interviews with the top Twitter-based healthcare content curators.

For years, Marie Ennis-O’Connor (@JBBC) has been one of my must-go-to curators in the domain of health and healthcare.

Back in September, not only did I get to meet her ITF (in the flesh) during the Stanford Medicine X conference but also enjoyed quality time with her, chatting about a range of topics. Keep reading for what she says about the art and science of content curation.

You, too, can be the beneficiary of her great curation by following @JBBC on Twitter. I recommend reading and bookmarking this post of hers, “Content is King; Curation is Queen.” Also by this award-winning blogger from Ireland:

And here's the interview:

Meredith Gould: What about content curation most appeals to you?
Marie Ennis-O’Connor: It’s been a terrific way for me to provide a steady stream of relevant content for my blog in a timely and efficient way. I’ve also found it increased my reach and credibility.

MG: When, how and why the focus on healthcare?
ME-O: Healthcare is my passion and there is so much incredible information out there, some of which can get lost in the online noise. I started curating articles of interest as a resource for my own work, then as the content grew, I realized it could be a valuable resource for others too. I now have a repository of information running the gamut of health apps to social media guidelines for healthcare professionals, which I can easily refer to.

MG: Where and how do you gather content to curate?
ME-O: I’ve set up Google Alerts for the healthcare topics of interest to me. I find Google Scholar even more useful to my curation as it indexes most peer-reviewed online journals of Europe and America's largest scholarly publishers. In addition, I use Flipboard and Newsle and subscribe to other health-related curators on, a curation platform.

MG: How do you decide what to use?
ME-O: I have defined my topics up front, so if it relates to healthcare social media and digital health it's scooped into my curator’s net. Next I scan for quality and determine if the content is of value to me and if others would find it useful too. I also check to see if I can easily summarize the key points.

MG: How do you use scheduling tools?
ME-O: I use Buffer and Hootsuite to schedule tweets so that I can reach a global audience. I time my tweets for Asia-Pacific, USA/Canada and Europe. I vary tweets – highlighting a different key fact, statistic or quote in each and I add a relevant hashtag. Scheduling is only a small percentage of my time on Twitter – it complements my activity there, but never replaces it. There is no substitute for genuine engagement in building trust and credibility.

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Content is King; Curation is Queen.
The Power and Glory of Curation: An Interview with Marie Ennis-O'Connor (1st in a Series)
The Power and Glory of Curation: An Interview with Marie Ennis-O’Connor (1st in a Series)

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