November 5, 2014

Dabo Health and MCCSM: Making Quality Metrics Actionable

By Lee Aase, Director, Mayo Clinic Social Media Network


Our goal through Dabo Health*
To help make health care quality metrics actionable for front-line staff
by applying social networking principles
via an elegant platform that promotes engagement.

I first met Camilo Barcenas, CEO of Dabo, at our 2011 Social Media Summit. I introduced him to MCCSM Medical Director, Farris Timimi, M.D. and together we began exploring opportunities for engagement with clinical practice and business development leaders at Mayo.

Fast forward to 2014 and our Social Media Week keynote address includes an update of our work with Dabo, a working relationship illustrating the four key themes of our talk, and indeed of our MCCSM strategy and experience as a whole:

  1. The Power of Partnerships
  2. The Importance of Face-to-Face in a Digital Era
  3. Advancing Application of Social Media Tools throughout Health Care
  4. Expected but Unpredictable Benefits of Engagement

Dabo Health Pilot

This video, featured during our keynote, provides an overview of the Dabo Health pilot championed by Dr. Timimi in Rochester:


And here are the slides:

Make sure you look at the last one, showing the dramatically increased views of quality metrics among the 254 pilot participants as compared with the existing spreadsheet-based scorecard.

To meaningfully improve metric performance, we must engage front-line staff, and through this pilot project we demonstrated the potential for the new Dabo Health platform to do exactly that.

Avoid Reimbursement Penalties
Dabo's new platform makes it possible for any  U.S. hospital to visualize the amount of possible reimbursement penalties because of Medicare's Value Based Payment Programs. For example, Mayo Clinic Hospital Rochester has over $13.5 million at risk (click to enlarge):



Dabo's platform also lets hospitals compare their performance in one of the mandatory federal government metrics -- preventing Hospital Acquired Conditions -- with that of local peers as well as all hospitals nationally. Here's an example, comparing Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix with others in Arizona (click to enlarge):



Explore Dabo Health
If you work in a U.S. hospital, check out your data through the free Dabo Health platform,and invite clinical staff to check this out as well. We welcome your feedback as we work together to improve Dabo and, hopefully, all U.S. health care.


*Mayo Clinic is a shareholder.

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