October 22, 2014

Mayo Chiefs Name a Patient as 2015 Visiting Professor

By Lee Aase, Director, Mayo Clinic Social Media Network

Every year, Mayo Clinic Internal Medicine Chief Residents have the opportunity to invite a Visiting Professor to spend several days engaging in educational activities and speaking at Medical Grand Rounds. Invitations are meant to reflect upon the personal interests of the chief residents and the messages we wish to convey to our Medical Grand Round audience of trainees, consultants, and researchers across the Mayo Clinic Health System.

Over the last three years, previous chief residents have selected leaders in the fields of medical education (Dr. Jeffrey Wiese), quality and safety (Dr. Robert Wachter), and the CDC’s epidemic intelligence service (Dr. Douglas Hamilton).

This year, we wanted our choice to represent a field with a similarly widespread impact on the future of medical practice, but also reflect our personalities with an “outside of the box” message. At the same time we were brainstorming, the Mayo Clinic was celebrating 150 years of service, and we were reminded of the Clinic’s credo:

“The best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered, and in order that the sick may have the benefit of advancing knowledge, union of forces is necessary. It has become necessary to develop medicine as a cooperative science; the clinician, the specialist, and the laboratory workers uniting for the good of the patient, each assisting in elucidation of the problem at hand, and each dependent upon the other for support.”

– Dr. William J. Mayo

Dr. Will Mayo was stating the importance of a diverse medical team coming together to attain a common goal – the foundation of our institution’s mission has been built around this belief. However, in our experience, we have found it as important to have a “union of forces” between providers and the patients who entrust us with their care.

Patient engagement and empowerment is a natural extension of Dr. Will Mayo’s vision of a medicine as a cooperative science. We are therefore honored to announce Dave deBronkart (aka “e-Patient Dave”) as our 2015 Visiting Professor to help spread this powerful message. We look forward to his March, 2015 visit!

Editor's Note: The foregoing was submitted by the Mayo Clinic Internal Medicine Chiefs. Dave deBronkart is in Rochester today for Social Media Week at Mayo Clinic. We caught up with him to ask for his thoughts on being named a Visiting Professor:

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Mayo Chiefs Name a Patient as 2015 Visiting Professor | Mayo Clinic Social Media Network

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