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Six Ways Social Media Affects Your Clinical Trial

Media_socialHere, I'm sharing my post that appeared on Rare Disease Report because it's not only relevant to the rare disease community and pharmaceutical company sponsors, but also to hospitals and health care providers involved with these clinical trials.

As rare and undiagnosed diseases continue to be a focus of innovative medical research (such as naming six medical centers joining the NIH in the Undiagnosed Diseases Network), more facilities and clinicians will face new opportunities to embrace the positive effects of social media on their clinical research and will need to learn how to mitigate the negative ones. -- Melissa Hogan 


It's an understatement to say that social media has had an impact on almost every aspect of rare disease, as well as many common diseases. From patients being able to find each other quickly, to their ability to promote fundraising and advocacy campaigns, social media has opened doors that previously did not exist.

For pharmaceutical companies, social media offers a unique opportunity to listen and understand patient communities, but it also causes trepidation in some circles with respect to how it impacts their clinical development programs. Read more....

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Six ways social media affects clinical trials: #Healthcare #ClinicalResearch #MCSMN
Social media has opened doors in disease research that previously did not exist. #MayoClinic #Healthcare
Social media has had an impact on almost every aspect of rare disease, as well as many common diseases. Learn more here: #ClinicalResearch #Healthcare

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