June 15, 2014

Greetings from the Kicking Into Gear Zone

By meredithgould


Today is Sunday, also Father's Day and thanks to social media, I know what many of you are doing. It's not yet noon but I've already visited Facebook (twice) and Tweetdeck is always open on one of two monitors. And what am I doing this fine morning? I'm writing this post for two key reasons.

First to express my abundant thanks for the well wishes appearing here as well as on Twitter and my personal Facebook page. Among my favorites, this hilarious tweet by fellow Platinum Fellow and dear friend, Ed Bennett:


True fact: my take-charge persona shows no sign of fading with age.

Here's what's also true: working on a team of smart people dedicated to "leading the social media revolution in health care" inspires me to be...teamlike. This is a perfect segue to the second reason for this post, viz., to tell you about changes in the works. We're starting with everything but what you'll probably notice first are changes to this website.

Since we're big on medical metaphors, I think it makes perfect sense to say we'll be titrating the dose of change over the next few weeks. In the works and, in some instances, already happening here:

  • Improving site navigation to make it easier for you to find what you want and need.
  • Consolidating and streamlining content so it's easier to read, especially on mobile and tablet devices.
  • Tweaking fonts and colors.
  • Rethinking and reworking registration processes, directories, and access.

Major goal? To get much of this in place so that registration for October's events -- Social Media Residency, Social Media Week, and the SMHN Member Meeting -- is easier peasy-er.

Your input counts, but get it to us swiftly. In fact, why wait? Please use the comments box to tell us which top three changes you'd like to see.


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