October 31, 2013

Nov. 5 Webinar: Create an award-winning online, interactive annual report

By Randy Schwarz

Create an award-winning annual report: How YOU can change to an online, interactive report

On Nov. 5th, Sutter Health's Carey Peterson and Jennifer Blake will discuss how their communications team transformed their annual report from a "phone book" to an innovative, interactive online report.

Sutter Health began producing an online annual report in 2007, and each year, they improved the report's look and feel. Formatted in "responsive web design," the report automatically fits the screen of any mobile device for optimal viewing. Sutter's online annual report saved them thousands in printing and postage costs and protects the environment.

They will  also discuss:

  • How to manage the project from start to finish
  • Create a "responsive web design" for your report

  • Formulate a business case for your hospital executives
  • Develop an ADA-compliant report

  • Design tactics to let your audience know about the report
  • What communications, leadership and IT support you may need

  • How to implement SEO and track ROI and metrics

Members of the Social Media Health Network (SMHN) can register and pay for this webinar using their SMHN points by clicking HERE.

Non-members can register and get more information on this webinar by clicking  here.

For more information about joining the SMHN, click here.

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