October 24, 2013

Live Streaming Member Meeting Presentations Today

By MakalaArce

We are nearing completion of another great Social Media Week in Rochester, Minn., with a Social Media Health Network member meeting this afternoon. There will be six rapid-fire, case study presentations:

  • Chris Boyer - "The Need for Radical Transparency in Social Media"
  • Jason Pratt - "Here's Your #VideoPaper"
  • Lisa Ramshaw - "A Social Trip to Australia"
  • Camilo Barcenas - "Leveraging Social Media to Improve Clinical Outcomes"
  • Bob West - "Evidence-Based Medicine with an N of 1"
  • Cynthia Manley - "A Post at the Intersection of Hate and Gratitude"
  • Reed Smith - "Twitter + Hospitals"

These presentations will be live-streamed from 2-3:30 P.M. CDT within this blogpost.

We apologize for the technical difficulties towards the beginning, which we edited out of the below archived recordings.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Can’t you make this a bit louder?

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So to whom do I DM during this?

no sound?

I had sound for the first 5 seconds, then nothing, and the video is very jerky. I don’t experience those problems on webinars.

Re: our stories, please revisit my post:

Is anyone else having issues with volume?


Can’t you make this a bit louder?

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I can barely hear. Can others hear?

HI, Sound has gone out.

Will view from archive later. Thx


So to whom do I DM during this?

Jump to this post

DM me if you would like. Is the sound still too soft?

Hi, Need to make a little louder. I have my speaker on the highest it can go…and I can barely hear. Just a suggestion.

Better. Thank you!!!!!!

Uh OH….. Sound cut totally off.

Grrrr….audio!!! Please.

Back on. Thanks.

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