October 23, 2013

#MayoRagan 2013 Opening Keynote Summary

By Randy Schwarz

In their opening keynote, Accelerating the Social Media Revolution, Lee Aase and Dr. Farris Timimi discuss how Mayo Clinic has been a pioneer in health care social media. In its three years, the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media (#MCCSM) has committed to "Bringing the Social Media Revolution to Health Care," speeding up the application of social tools by Mayo Clinic employees and providing help and resources to other health care organizations through the Social Media Health Network (SMHN).

Here's a video summary of their talk:

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#MayoRagan 2013 Opening Keynote Summary
Bringing the Social Media Revolution to Health Care
#MayoRagan 2013 Opening Keynote Summary | Mayo Clinic Social Media Network

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