July 31, 2013

Webinar: Empower your patients with telehealth, technology and health communication

By Randy Schwarz

On Tuesday, August 27, Stacie Rivera, a Communications Strategist for the VA health care system, will present "Empower your patients with telehealth, technology and health communication."image of soldier saluting american flag

The VA has pioneered telehealth to improve its patient-provider interactions. How? VA, the nation’s largest integrated health system, created its own tool, My HealtheVet, a personal online personal health record. VA’s PHR system features “Secure Messaging” to allow veterans to communicate with their doctors more easily. Secure Messaging allows veterans to receive day-to-day care, instead of waiting days or weeks for in-person appointments.

You’ll learn how VA did a pilot of the program in five sites throughout the country to let veterans and the public know about its new services and boost enrollment. My HealtheVet enrollment increased 42 percent and uploads to Secure Messaging increased 271 percent.

If your hospital is exploring telehealth, this webinar is definitely for you. You’ll also learn:

  • How to launch a health information campaign to reach ethnically-, socio-economically- and geographically-diverse patient audiences
  • How to empower patients to improve communication with health care providers
  • How to target communications to patient groups based on research
  • How to set and stick to a strategic roadmap of three distinct phases
  • Proven strategies to get patients to go online

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