May 9, 2013

Apple profiles Mayo Clinic’s apps

By MakalaArce

Two staff members looking at iPhone app

Mayo Clinic is known for its ongoing innovations in health care. And now there’s another breakthrough: Using custom apps for physicians and patients on iPhone, iPad, and iPad mini, Mayo Clinic is transforming the capabilities of individualized patient care.

Apple profiled Mayo Clinic’s apps for iPhone and iPad to help bring innovation to patient care. Learn how Mayo Clinic is using these apps via the below link of this recently published video profile:

iPad app

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I use this app all the time and it is a great resource for my physicians at
home to help me with my ongoing medical care. Linda Hageman, RN

The Best Of Health,

Linda N Hageman, RN

The 2nd Annual Mayo Clinic MEN Seminar

June 7, 2013

Wonderful video. Kudos to those who helped produce.

Deanna Constans | CV Communication Coordinator| Division of Cardiovascular Diseases | 507-255-2548 |

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