March 20, 2013

Turn social media complaints into a stronger reputation

By Shel Holtz

This is a presentation to the California Patient Relations Association. It served as speaker support and isn't intended as a standalone deck, but still may offer some useful insights. Special thanks to Paul Gillin and Greg Gianforte; I drew considerably from their book, "Attack of the Customers," which I recommend highly if you're dealing with this issue.

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Tags: Strategy, Tactics & Best Practices

This is all good information. I am not sure the studies are up to date? Information as far as the percentages and so forth. I am a self proclaimed specialist on the review platform and am intensely involved in it every day. The worst thing you can do is not respond to a neg. review. The social media platform is a force that is plowing forward and you either get proactive and manage it or your business will suffer no matter what industry you are in. We have developed and are improving everyday our software to address these exact issues. We are getting read to introduce a medical software that easily manages everything you talked about in this “Turn social media complaints into a stronger reputation”. With a world with so much information we need to itemize what is most important. Take care of business by being responsive to your online reputation.

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