October 18, 2012

Top 10 To-Dos from the #MayoRagan Summit


Our 4th Annual Social Media Summit concludes at noon CDT today. The Summit is part of Social Media Week at Mayo Clinic, which started with Social Media Residency on Monday and concludes with the member meeting for the Social Media Health Network this afternoon through noon tomorrow. The #MayoRagan Summit has been filled with lots of information from a great variety of presenters, along with excellent questions from the participants, and the tweet stream has been like the proverbial fire hose.

Here's a Top 10 List of next steps you can take to continue the momentum:

  1. Join the Social Media Week at Mayo Clinic community/event site. You'll see and be able to comment on video interviews from most of the Summit speakers, and find links to other resources. You also will be able to connect with other participants and continue networking after the conference.
  2. Get Bringing the Social Media Revolution to Health Care on Amazon, where you can buy 4 copies for the price of 3, or order in larger quantities from the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media. It's a quick and easy read, and by giving copies to your leadership and colleagues you can jump start discussions on applying social media in your work.
  3. Sign up for Dabo Health™ to see how your hospital is performing on CMS quality metrics that will increasingly affect reimbursement, and to learn how you can use social networking to discover and share best practices for improvement within your hospital, your hospital system or nationwide. Invite your hospital's chief quality officer and nursing leadership to join, too. The basic version is free, and members of the Social Media Health Network get a discount on any of the premium packages. So you should...
  4. Join the Social Media Health Network.  You will connect with others who have faced and are facing the same challenges you're encountering, and you'll have access to free or discounted training and materials, among other benefits.
  5. Take the Health Care Social Media Survey about your organization's use of social media and employee access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms.
  6. Visit our Mayo Clinic Stories application on Facebook. If you have a Mayo Clinic story, we'd love to have you tell it.
  7. Check out the MDigital Life site that Greg Matthews demonstrated late yesterday, for data on 1,400 doctors who use Twitter.
  8. Visit the Health Care Social Media List to browse the list of hospitals using social media. See what your peers are doing locally, in your state or nationally. Sign up for a guest account so we can associate you with your hospital, which will let you manage your listing directly.
  9. Sign up for Social Media Residency on our Mayo Clinic campus in Jacksonville, Florida (Nov. 29-30), or check back in early November for details on the schedule for next year.
  10. Mark your calendar for next year's Social Media Week at Mayo Clinic, which will be Oct. 21-25, 2013.
Here's a bonus item: Use the Tweet link at the bottom of this post to spread the word about your experience!
What did you think of this year's Health Care Social Media Summit? What were your top take-aways? What are your ideas to make next year even better?


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Top 10 To-Dos from the #MayoRagan Summit
Our 4th Annual Social Media Summit concludes at noon CDT today.
Top 10 To-Dos from the #MayoRagan Summit | Mayo Clinic Social Media Network

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