September 12, 2012

Introducing the Health Care Social Media List


We are pleased to announce that Ed Bennett's Hospital Social Networking List (HSNL) has a new home with the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media as the Health Care Social Media List (HCSML).

Four years ago Ed decided to create a resource for social media advocates in hospitals. He thought it would be great if those facing skeptical administrators could begin the conversation with a list of peer institutions already using Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

Thus was born the HSNL that Ed has hosted on his Found in Cache blog until now. List maintenance had been a manual labor of love, and yet he didn’t have to programming resources to streamline the process.

When Ed decided he had accomplished his original goal and announced his plans for one final update before achiving the list, we approached him about continuing HSNL. See his thoughts on the move.

The Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media has a broad mandate, to accelerate the effective adoption of social media at Mayo Clinic and in health care globally. We’re committed to inspiring broader and deeper engagement with social media by hospitals, medical professionals and patients. We created the Social Media Health Network so other organizations could join us in the journey and so we could learn together.

Because of the labor-intensive maintenance process, Ed had limited his list to U.S. hospitals. Our Network is broader, as we have international and non-hospital members. This new Health Care Social Media List builds on Ed’s work, adding some functional enhancements and including all of our Network members.

We envision numerous enhancements. We hope to add key contacts for organizations, so you can manage your listing. And as the management process becomes more automatic, we plan to build a global list with various sub-lists, one of which will be the list of U.S. hospitals Ed began. Sub-lists might be developed for Canadian (or Australian or EU) hospitals, medical practices, scientific associations and state hospital associations that use social media. Possibilities abound!

One thing that hasn’t changed: We’ll continue crowd-sourcing the list. Just as Ed relied on hospital representatives to send him list additions, we seek your help as well. Here’s how:

We’re starting by making the update process semi-automatic with this easy-to-use form that lets you submit new organization listings for consideration, as well as new social networking accounts for existing listings. You also can be designated as the key contact for your organization, so soon you will be able to manage your listing directly.

When you submit the form we will add you to our notification list so you can stay up-to-date with list developments and new opportunities.

We look forward working with Ed to realize some of the enhancements he had envisioned. With his continued service on our External Advisory Board – and with him not needing to devote hours to list maintenance – we’re excited about another project he’ll be helping to lead.

More details coming soon!

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