May 3, 2012

Five Steps in Healthcare’s Social Media Agenda


Peppers & Rogers Group recently hosted a webinar about the 5 steps in health care's social media agenda. According to Dietrch Chen and Marc Ruggiano of Peppers & Rogers Group's practice, health care social media strategy consists of 5 simple steps:

  1. Understand it
  2. Embrace it
  3. Observe it
  4. Explore it
  5. Include

During the webinar, the presenters highlighted some best practices from health care organizations from around the industry, including Mayo Clinic, GSK, Medicis, Roche, and UCB Pharma.

Those of us active in this community know that social media is here to stay – with consumers being active participants and seeking control of their own health. We recommend you familiarize yourself with social media concepts, tools, and vendors; learn from the experience of early adopters in health care and research best practices; and understand which social media channel is most appropriate for your specific goals. Every organization is different, and will need to figure out the best activities for its stakeholders.

Click here to watch the replay of the webinar (click on the "media player icon on the bottom to launch the event"). Or if you prefer, you can download a PDF version of the webinar presentation.

This webinar is only one in Peppers & Roger Group's health care webinar series. You can register to watch the replays of past events, or sign up for our next event, "Making the Consumer-centric Transformation" on May 17 at 1 p.m. ET.



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"Making the Consumer-centric Transformation"
Five Steps in Healthcare's Social Media Agenda
Five Steps in Healthcare’s Social Media Agenda

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