A Concert for the Ages

Marlow and Frances Cowan are Internet Rock Stars. He's now 92 years old, and she's 86, and this performance they gave for patients and visitors at Mayo Clinic three years ago went viral around the world:

Since we featured it on our Sharing Mayo Clinic blog, That video has racked up more than 7.8 million views on YouTube, and also led to them being flown to New York to appear live on ABC's Good Morning America.

We wanted to make our Social Media Health Network member meeting in October a special event, and so we thought a concert by the Cowans would be a perfect way to cap the member dinner.

Most of the audience thought they were just going to hear a nice little piano concert; they had no idea they were in for a full-fledged vaudeville show! Push the play button and then take the video to full screen for a highly enjoyable concert:

This was a real treat for everyone, and Mr. and Mrs. Cowan have said this was their last major show. We're honored that they chose to do it at Mayo Clinic, and that we have the opportunity to share this treat with the world.

In the United States, we're getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, and Mr. and Mrs. Cowan and their family are among the blessings we can count.