November 3, 2011

‘Know Your Numbers’ video is off to the races


Who'd have thought that Tommy and Jenny were headed off to the Texas Motor Speedway when they hopped in that minivan at the end of Mayo's new "Know Your Numbers" video?

But next weekend, the 500,000-plus spectators at the Texas 500 NASCAR race may be humming a familiar tune after they see our heart-health video on display in the "highest footfall traffic area" on the perimeter of the speedway. The video will be shown on a 9-foot by 12-foot Jumbotron screen (with "concert-rated sound") once an hour for 12 hours a day Nov. 4-6. That's 36 opportunities to get "blood pressure, lipids and BMI " stuck in heads of attending race fans.

Since it launched online just over two weeks ago, the "Know Your Numbers" video, produced by folks from Women's Health, Cardiology and the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media, has been seen on YouTube by more than 19,000 people. The chance to be heard and seen by half a million-plus eyes, needless to say, has everyone here excited.

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