Mayo Clinic Launches ‘Know Your Numbers’ Heart Health Awareness Music Video

Mayo Clinic today is launching a heart health awareness campaign featuring a parody of the 1982 hit song “867-5309/Jenny” at the third annual Social Media Summit.

The “Know Your Numbers” music video will help people around the world understand the importance of knowing their numbers for blood pressure, lipids and body mass index to help prevent heart disease.

As part of the campaign, viewers can use a free application on Mayo Clinic‟s Facebook page that will help them calculate their risk of a heart attack and learn how to prevent one. Visit the Facebook app here.

Video viewers also have the opportunity to enter a contest to earn points by helping spread the word about heart attack risk factors. Visit the site here.

We encourage you to view this video and share it with your friends, encouraging them to know their heart numbers, too.

Finally, for a few laughs, check out the outtakes reel below.


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