September 15, 2011

This Bride Wants to Register at the Mayo Clinic


I’m getting married in November and am not “registered” anywhere. Doing so hadn't even occurred to me until people started asking, “where are you registered?”

At first, I simply laughed. Dan (@RevWeb) and I have enough for two households. Now I'm re-thinking the Bridal Registry thing.

Here comes the under-insured, chronically-ill bride going on two years without primary medical care . . . and I want to register at the Mayo Clinic.* 

My Bridal Registry wish list includes (in priority order): comprehensive blood work and urine analysis; a mammogram, pap smear, and DEXA scan; a complete eye exam by an ophthalmologist; an EKG and echo-cardiogram; and an MRI of my lower spine and X-rays of both knees.

Plus, I'd really love to receive physicians samples of medications I currently take, most especially the one that will never go generic and I cannot afford. I want copies of all test results and clinical observations because, to make matters worse, I consider myself an e-patient.

Hilarious, right? Only if you, too, work for the healthcare industry and can appreciate grotesque irony. Otherwise, not so much.

*If it’s not too much trouble, I’d like to receive stuff on my wish list during Social Media Week in October.

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