September 13, 2011

Social Media in Health at SXSW-2012


This post is to share information with the MCCSM Network on two potential health care social media panel (HCSM) projects submitted to SXSW that could provide valuable information to the health community.  SXSW provides a high profile platform for health discussions and with 3,600+ total submissions it’s easy for good information to get lost.  Voting ended on Friday (9/2).

Social Media Cures Cancer and Speaks for Survivor – a solo panel from the LIVESTRONG organization that will answer:

  1. How are nonprofits utilizing social media as a grassroots advocacy tool?
  2. How has viral played into the success of LIVESTRONG in communicating its mission?
  3. Do you have to be celebrity to be successful in the social media sphere?
  4. How does LIVESTRONG engage with cancer survivors in a way that is personal via social media?
  5. How can social media defeat cancer once and for all?

This panel is a great chance to hear from an organization that was an early adopter of HCSM and continues to fine-tune its use in health.  Link:

Can Social Media Benefit the Health Experience* – a panel of five professionals with different roles in the health setting that will answer:

  1. Which social media tools do consumers and providers view as having the potential to improve and add value to the overall health experience?
  2. What are the greatest concerns, for both consumers and providers, in using social media in the health space?
  3. Is there common ground between what consumers and providers identify as social media tools that could benefit the overall health experience?
  4. Where are the differences and disconnects between consumers and providers related to the use of social media tools in the health space?
  5. Based on input from the different health stakeholders, what social media tools could be easily targeted, which are considered problematic and what is the best starting point to benefit the health experience using social media tools?

The goal for this panel submission is to explore the use of social media in the health setting… can it be leveraged to enhance communication, education and inclusion?  This panel plans to gain primary data via stakeholder surveys to secure feedback and ideas from people across the health setting.  The learnings and data infographic will be openly shared with all interested parties in an effort to spur new HCSM dialogue and opportunities for change.  Link:

*To provide full disclosure, I am a panelist involved with the second panel – Can Social Media Benefit the Health Experience.

I encourage you to look through the panel submissions and support the 2012 Interactive Health Track at SXSW; fantastic opportunity to expand the health discussion. Link:

If you are interested, there is also a SXSW Health Track and HCSM newsletter that is updated daily with news and information on both topics:

Thank you,

Bob West

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