June 28, 2011

Member Profile: Australian Private Hospitals Association


Editor's Note: This post is by Lisa Ramshaw, Director of Communications and Marketing for the Australian Private Hospitals Association, and is part of a series of posts by and about members of the Social Media Health Network. For a list of members and information on how your organization can join, see the Network tab.

The Australian Private Hospitals Association (APHA) is the peak industry body for private hospitals and day surgeries in Australia. We work to ensure that Australians are empowered with personal choice and rapid access to affordable hospital care of the highest quality. We champion the cause of private hospitals in delivering the best in hospital care to patients. Our members have a strong commitment to quality services, ethical conduct and professional health care standards. We represent nearly 300 hospitals across Australia.

APHA actively promotes the value of private hospitals in Australia through our Facebook page, our Twitter account and through our rapid response social media monitoring. We also have a Valuing Private Hospitals webpage where patients, their family and friends and our hospitals' staff can post comments on why they value private hospitals.

We have recently launched a new campaign, 'The Means Test Means' to assist us in fighting against the Australian Federal Government's proposed legislation to means test the Private Health Insurance rebate.

The site contains facts and figures about the means testing measures, as well as a rebate calculator for those holding private health insurance to determine how much more they will have to pay under this measure. It also has a function to send an email to their Federal Member of Parliament asking them to vote against the measure.

The use of social media in healthcare in Australia and especially in hospitals lags behind the US currently. APHA is committed to educating our hospital members about social media, helping them navigate the various channels and issues and stay abreast of best practice worldwide. In this role, we are excited about being a member of the MCSMHN and look forward to connecting with colleagues around the world, sharing experiences and continuing to learn and collaborate together.

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