April 29, 2011

Happy Third Twitter Birthday to @MayoClinic!


If a dog year is like seven human years I'm not sure what the equivalent of a Twitter year would be, but it's probably a lot more. At any rate, in a conversation this morning about our @MayoClinic experience on Twitter I just realized it's April 29, which is the third anniversary of the date we created our account!

It wasn't particularly memorable at the time, and the only way I know this is the right date is through, which includes a "Tweeting since" line in its scoring profile (click to enlarge.)

When we started on Twitter, it was mainly to lock down our @MayoClinic name and to keep an unauthorized person from setting up an account impersonating Mayo Clinic. For the first few months, we mainly were using an automatic RSS feed to send out tweets about news releases.

In the last two years we've been much more active and interactive on Twitter, holding Tweetcamps and also using Twitter to extend the reach of our Mayo Clinic Medical Edge Weekend radio program. This program, which formerly was carried only on a single station in Rochester, Minn. now has a global reach because of Twitter. In fact, one Saturday morning we had questions tweeted from North Carolina, Australia and Indonesia!

This has definitely grown far beyond anything we could have imagined three years ago. Here's a snapshot of our current high-level statistics:

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