April 13, 2011

Quirky, Fun Surgical Robot Demonstration


At this morning's pre-conference workshop in Seattle in conjunction with the #SwedishRagan conference on social media in health care, Dana Lewis of Swedish Health Services in Seattle (a member of our Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media External Advisory Board) showed a video that her team created a couple of weeks ago.

One night after the OR suites were empty, Dana's team and one of the surgeons who uses a Da Vinci robot did a little demonstration in which the surgeon used the robot to fold the tiniest of paper airplanes:


In just two weeks, the video has amassed more than 410,000 views. It's not hard-core marketing for Swedish, but it's interesting and creative. She said the cost of doing this was negligible.

This is a great example of doing a little thing through social media that can have big impact.

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