April 8, 2011

Timing Tweets, Facebook Updates and Blogs


Dan Zarrella (@danzarrella) bills himself as a "social media scientist." A colleague recently shared his slides on #TimeSci:

[slideshare id=7435244&doc=scienceoftiming-110329132704-phpapp01]

You may be familiar with some of these timing suggestions, but I think the slides are worth consulting.  Some of the points that hit me:
  • Don't call yourself a "guru" (apparently "officials," "speakers," and "experts" get more clicks )
  • Late in the day or week is the most re-tweetable
  • Tweet often, but don't be an over-tweeter
  • People tend to read more blogs during the week, but comment on the weekends
  • Early morning emails are better; and people are less likely to unsubscribe when they receive a lot of emails from you, go figure

Dan offers takeaway points to help quickly decipher the many graphs.

What are your thoughts on his presentation?

Amy Fries

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