April 1, 2011

Can Social Media Improve Health Care?


This afternoon I'm honored to have been asked to present on this topic at the 51st Annual Mayo Clinic Dental Reviews. Dr. Sreenivas Koka is the course director, and I have had the pleasure of working with him on some ideas for practice improvement that I think have lots of promise. I'll highlight one in my presentation (and will embed the video in the space below my slides). But here are the slides, as embedded from our Mayo Clinic Slideshare account:

Here is the video we shot with Dr. Koka and his assistant, Dot, to enable them to introduce themselves and to help first-time patients prepare for their visit, so they can give the Mayo team guidance on what they hope to accomplish through treatment:


We look forward to doing research on how this affects the experience and satisfaction for patients, as well as the practice.

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