Crowdsourcing our Advisory Board

The mission for our Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media is to

Lead the social media revolution in health care, improving health and well-being for people everywhere.

We’re pleased to announce today the formation of our external advisory board, a 25-member group of fellow revolutionaries, to help us fulfill that mission. Members will provide advice and feedback to our center leadership on various programs and initiatives, and will be a source of ideas for worthwhile projects. They also will contribute content for this site and their perspectives on health-related developments in social media.

Our goal is to have a well-rounded board with diverse backgrounds, capabilities and interests that encourages a wide range of applications for social media tools to improve health and the health care system, and to bring perspectives from other industries and government to the conversations. These are volunteer positions, although members will receive free admission to events sponsored by the center.

The first 13 members selected for one-year terms are listed on the Advisory Board page. These are among the pioneers in applying social media in health care and humanitarian endeavors. We’re honored that they are willing to serve.

We want your help in nominating and selecting candidates for the remaining 12 positions to give us the well-rounded board we’re seeking, reflecting diversity in all its forms.

We’d like to have representatives from state, local or federal government, public health, medical and scientific journals, hospital and nursing associations, disease-oriented organizations and patient foundations, medical associations and specialty societies, and of course physicians. While we have a pair of patients among our initial members, we’re open to more. And we don’t want to limit nominations to the foregoing categories: we hope to also have representatives from other industries (such as the technology sector) that are more advanced in application of social media than health care has been.

Together with an internal advisory team we’ll be recruiting from throughout the Mayo system, the external advisory board will be an energetic force to help accelerate thoughtful adoption of social media to promote health and improve health care.

Here are three ways you can help:

  1. If you are interested in serving, please submit your application according to the process outlined below.
  2. Please spread the word to help us gather a strong field of candidates. (Maybe use the sharing buttons below, or post to your Facebook profile. Or you could even use old-fashioned email.)
  3. Encourage people you know who would be good board members to apply.

Application process:

  1. To become a candidate for the board, send an email by clicking this link. In addition to your contact information and a bit of biography, make the case for your candidacy. Describe in 200 words or less why you are interested, the perspective you would represent and the contribution you would make as a member of the board. The application deadline is October 15, 2010.
  2. Creative means of application also are welcome and encouraged. For instance, you could write a post on your blog giving the rationale for your candidacy, or upload a video to YouTube making your multimedia case. Just be sure to either send us the link via email or tweet it using the #MCCSM hashtag.

Update: The application deadline for advisory board members has passed. We are now reviewing the applications to select the additional members.

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Crowdsourcing our Advisory Board
The mission for our Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media is to
Crowdsourcing our Advisory Board | Mayo Clinic Social Media Network

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