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Residency Prerequisites

To provide a deeper, richer learning experience, we've created online assignments for you to complete before arriving onsite. You may determine which ones you absolutely need!

  • Core Prerequisites, intended for all participants, will take less than 90 minutes to complete. These cover material everyone should know and, relative to professionalism and legal concerns, makes it possible for us to focus nearly all in-person time on answering your questions.
  • If you consider yourself a social media beginner (e.g., don't yet have a Twitter account, haven't explored Facebook),  modules under Ensuring Basic Familiarity will get you up-to-speed. Budget approximately  two hours and 15 minutes. Feel free to skip these if you already know how to set up and manage these accounts. In-person time will focus on best practices for using them.
  • Optional Modules offer a selection from which you may choose, based on interest and available time.

Take a look at the day's schedule!

Ensuring Basic Familiarity
We want to make the best use of everyone's time, both before and during the one-day session. If you're new to social media, we want to provide this help so you can participate fully. If you already have extensive social media experience, feel free to spend your time on what you do not already know.

Before arriving for Social Media Residency, you must have a:

  • personal Twitter account
  • Google account (primarily to access YouTube and Google+)
  • basic understanding of blogging using WordPress

If you need help with any of these, the following modules will guide you:

Core Prerequisites (For All Participants)
Create your account in the Social Media Health Network and complete these online courses:

Optional Modules
These modules are not required, but you may find them helpful as you continue to explore social media. And if you're still wanting more, see the rest of our online modules.

Using an iPad at the Residency? If so, read this post.

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