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Points are SMHN currency!

Members receive points relative to their annual dues (see: member benefits flyer). Each point is worth $1 toward: a) regular registration cost for events; b) training sponsored by the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media; c) services provided through the Social Media Health Network.

Points about Points

  1. Member organizations receive points equal to half their annual dues. For example, a member organization paying dues of $4,000 will receive 2,000 points to spend on MCCSM events and Network services.
  2. Points are assigned to the organization's Network leader, generally whoever authorized funding for membership. Leaders may transfer points to other employees.
  3. Members may buy additional points for $0.75 each, saving 25 percent. Any member (not just organization leaders) may buy additional discounted points.

Network members: check point balances and buy more points here.

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